How to use My Baby Compass

My Baby Compass is a program that empowers a parent to help and assess their child’s development.  The program is as follows:

Use the booklets in the back of the manual to note what skills in all five areas (talks, hears, understands, moves, feels) that your child is able to do and what skills need work.

Use the activities to help develop and assess your child’s abilities. I recommend one or more activities a day to cover all areas of development.

Note that anyone can do these easy-to-follow activities during a child’s normal  routine in a short amount of time.

Use the checklists in Chapter 3 of the My Baby Compass manual to record the skills that your child is able to do. Share this information with your healthcare provider. Refer to Chapter 4, “My Child Isn’t Meeting a Milestone. Now What?”  if you have concerns for  important information if your child hasn’t met age-appropriate skills.

Additional resources are located in Chapter 1, 2 6 and the appendix in the My Baby Compass Manual that covers learning styles, behavior and important facts for your child’s future academic success.