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"My purpose for My Baby Compass is to give you peace of mind through guidance you can trust."-Kathy

Autism Speaks

For every book sold, $3 is donated to Autism speaks. When a child speaks the first word, it is memorable, but if a parent never hears the first word, it is most memorable.

Education Takes Place in the Home

I am here to help you assess and facilitate your child’s development.  We  want the best for our children and it is quite confusing as to what is the best.   First of all,  I want to empower you as a parent.   We need to give you knowledge and peace of mind how to parent in order to give your child the very best start in life.  I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist for 35 years and I have been researching developmental milestones and appropriate coordinating activities.    I have written a program with two books in completion and I am presently working on the last book of the series.   The series is referred to as My Baby Compass and it is available on  Now that I have that information out of the way, let me tell you why I was compelled to write this series rather than retire and drink Cosmopolitans on the beach….or ride my horse..or play my guitar…….   I am concerned about the direction of education in this country.   I just read while researching that 2/3 of the 4th graders are not reading at grade level.    How are we going to prepare these children to be competitive in this global economy?   We have raised our children with abundance and it will be difficult for them to take a step backwards.   We need to have skills that will allow us compete globally which will require excellent language, reading, writing, problem solving, math, science…etc.   This is the beginning of my blog…keep up with me…I tell great stories and you will probably learn something about child development, speech and language skills, and other relevant information.  Welcome!!!

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