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Family Stories Can Teach Us Lessons

I have had many different reactions to my family story, Waitress for a Day, in my last blog.  I love this emotional gut reaction.  It reminds us that we are human – we have a brain, a thought process, an opinion. Some people thought it was out of character for me and out of touch with my other blogs.  However, I wrote this to teach parenting lessons. Let’s look at the scenario and see how we can learn from the situation.  Even if you haven’t read my personal family story post, don’t worry, this will still be a learning lesson for you, too.

The first lesson is the ability to laugh at yourself.  It is healthy and it humbles you.  There may be a time that your baby spits up on your brand new Ann Taylor dress or you are expecting family for Thanksgiving dinner and you realized you never turned the oven on to cook the turkey, 10 minutes before serving time.  It is okay.  Life will go on.

The second lesson is it’s important to have an idea of what is expected of you when you take on a new job.  Where is your training manual?  Who is going to teach you and help you make correct decisions?  Who is your mentor? As evident in my previous post, I didn’t know how to be a waitress…and it showed. If you are having doubts about your parenting ability, I suggest that you read child development books (such as My Baby Compass) and meet with other moms to be informed of normal development and how you can facilitate it.

The third lesson is stay cool, don’t snap and don’t blame someone else for your shortcomings.  A man was disgruntled because he didn’t have his ketchup and he felt it was my job to provide it.  It was my job, but I had so many jobs and was so overwhelmed that I snapped.  It was the wrong response.  I should have explained that I was new, I was overwhelmed and I was sorry for my inadequacy.  This happens to you as a mom or dad.  You forget that your child is a child.  He has limited language, limited understanding of the world around him and when things don’t go right, sometimes you snap.  It is important to know normal child development, which includes behavior and socialization skills.  Have a support group in place and certainly seek professional help if you are concerned.

The last thing I want to say is; write down those funny sayings and stories about your children in addition to their development.  There is plenty of room in the checklists or in Chapter Three of the My Baby Compass series.

Happy mothering and fathering!

– Kathy

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