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"My purpose for My Baby Compass is to give you peace of mind through guidance you can trust."-Kathy

Autism Speaks

For every book sold, $3 is donated to Autism speaks. When a child speaks the first word, it is memorable, but if a parent never hears the first word, it is most memorable.

Interview Questions

To help a parent understand

1. What are developmental milestones? And why are they important?

2. Don’t kids just learn on their own?

3. Won’t my pediatrician tell me when there is a problem?

4. Why should I have a recorded history of my child’s development?

5. What do you mean by toys that teach?

6. What is early identification and early intervention?

7. How is My Baby Compass different and not just another parenting book?

8. Why do you think signing to a baby will help his language development?

9. What helpful parenting tips does the My Baby Compass program have?

10. Can you explain the areas of development you talk about in the book?


Questions about the author’s perspective and about the program.

1.Why did you write the program?

2. How did you come up with the idea and the design of My Baby Compass?

3. Where did you get your information?

4. What is your experience?

5. What is in the My Baby Compass kit and how does it work?

6. What is on the CD-rom?

7. Is this program for parents or for professionals?

8. Have parents and professionals used the program? Does it work?

9. Where is it printed and how can I buy it?