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"My purpose for My Baby Compass is to give you peace of mind through guidance you can trust."-Kathy

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For every book sold, $3 is donated to Autism speaks. When a child speaks the first word, it is memorable, but if a parent never hears the first word, it is most memorable.

Testimonial for Kathy Thorson Gruhn,  Author of  “My Baby Compass”.


“Kathryn Thorson Gruhn has written a lovely developmental reference for parents. Simply presented but packed with information, this book outlines many of the topics I address at my patients’ wellness checks.”
— Jennifer Darrow, M.D., Board Certified Pediatrician

“Whoever said that babies don’t come with instructions? What a  relief My baby Compass is for new parents! This developmental  road map — and clinical “compass” of baby development “how -to’s” and “what -if’s” — is a safety net. Why has a program like  this never been thought of before? Praise for Kathryn Thorson Gruhn and My Baby Compass”
— Merridith Simpson, Rehabilitation Technologist

“I love this book! A quick reference, easy to follow, parent friendly guide that is a must-have for new parents.”
— Julie Liles, Speech Pathologist

“My Baby Compass is enjoyable as well as informative, like reading advice from my mom or a favorite aunt. I wish I’d had it when my children were younger and am thankful it will be available for my grandchildren. I recommend it to all new parents.”
— Megan Shein, Occupational Therapist

“My Baby Compass allows parents to play a more active role in their child’s development. As a Nurse Practitioner who has administered the Denver Developmental Assessment for a number of years, I know parents will be able to provide the necessary information with confidence to their health care providers if they use the My Baby Compass program.
— Catherine Hockney, APRN-BC, Nurse Practitioner

“New parents find themselves busier than they would ever believe. But new parents also want to do the very best for their new little ones. Kathryn Gruhn’s program makes “doing the right thing” much easier by placing checklists, activities and developmental targets within easy reach. The pull-out checklists and activities make a cinch of locating the correct information for your infant’s or toddler’s stages. Having the words and motions to many songs and nursery rhymes makes talking with your child easy and interesting. This program offers clear targets and expectations for normal development, ways to foster and stimulate growth and development and steps to take if parents have questions.  My Baby Compass is a must-have for busy new families.”
—  Elizabeth B. Simpson, MA CCC-SLP, Speech  Pathologist

My daughter had a hearing loss due to otitis media with effusion. As a new mother, I didn’t pick up on the signs right away, and when I did suspect something was wrong, everyone discounted my concerns. A program like this would have made an enormous difference. I love the easy-to-use format and short specific tasks that a baby should be able to do. It can be easily read while baby is nursing or napping. The pages are great for flagging and recording your baby’s progress.”
— Jennifer McNally, Physical Therapist Assistant

“This program is a great foundation for baby’s “life learning skills”.  It is good for parents, grandparents and caregivers. Good communication skills equal a full life of learning and self satisfying accomplishments.”
— Paula Winstead, Grandmother

“Rather than insulting our innate parental intelligence with a series of abstract formulae, My Baby Compass comes along-side us, empowering us and refining our instincts, ultimately shaping a more creative and intimate relationship between us and our baby.”
— Matthew and Leah Cantrell, Parents

“Kathryn Gruhn has combined her experience as a mother, teacher and caregiver with her clinical expertise to create this labor of love that simplifies scientific and clinical data into an easy-to-read format. Truly there is power in simplicity. As a healthcare social worker, I am elated that My Baby Compass has been written as a resource guide to assist parents with the stages of child development. My Baby Compass empowers parents to be proactive and strategically involved in the formation of necessary skills for their children and identifies concerns and how to address limitations. This guide is an amazing contribution to the field. I wholeheartedly recommend My Baby Compass without reservation.”
— Rose M. Jarboe, Social Worker

“This program is packed with information young mothers need in order to give their children a head start in life. I am giving copies to each of my daughters as they rear their young children.”
— Dr. Larry Watts, Chaplain


“I recommend this very informative, easy-to-read program to all parents with children in this age range.”
Marselene Brooks Foard, Mother

“This program is very interactive and straight to the point. I love it because it’s easy to read, gives good demonstrations and keeps my interest. The milestone checklists give a parent the ability to quickly identify if there are any developmental problem areas and to address them early. My Baby Compass will be a blessing to any parent who uses it with her child.”
Nikia Knapp, Occupational Therapy Assistant

“A compass tells us exactly where we are and where we are going. This program does that for every mother and father, answering questions that I never thought to ask.  My Baby Compass will bring you closer to your baby. I like being “invited” to jot down details about your baby’s progress. To my knowledge, there has never been this much information in one book in everyday language you can understand and trust.”
— Harriet Lennon, Mother