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Perfect Toys for Your Preschooler

Now that your child is becoming more agile and opinionated, he is starting to have input about his likes and dislikes.  It is important for you to remind yourself that even though you follow your child’s lead, you still have the facts and common sense to do what is best for your child.   Continue to read to your child so that books are a wonderful “toy” at anytime. But, for times when your child is on the go this holiday season, let’s look at some gadgets that are loads of fun, but serve as teaching tools as well.

You want activities that require your child to focus and understand spatial relationships, colors, quantity concepts, and the connection between objects, energy, space and time.  This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.  Your child is discovering these concepts through play. So here are some toy ideas to bring that out:

  • Sky High Scoops:  Your preschooler must stack the scoops in the order called out by this electronic game to win the big prize – getting to put the cherry on top. ($25 – www.learning
  • Color Wonder Story Stampers: The special paper contained in this kit brings out stamps and marker colors with no mess. ($12 –
  • Pop Goes Froggie:  The first kid to match the critter on the wheel to the right card in this game gets to launch the frog. ($18 –
  • Sesame Street Shape & Spin Elmo: Kids learn to identify different shapes with this cute toy.  ($20 –
  • Leapster Explorer: This high-tech tutor has educational games with smart programs.  ($70 –

    Leapster Explorer

  • Sing-A-Ma-Jigs: Your preschooler will love harmonizing with the notes from these creatures. (for $13 – www.
  • Big Wheelie Cycle: Amaze your child with this remote-control motorcycle that can do wheelies.  ($25 –
  • My Take Along Puppet Theatre: This fold-up stage allows your kid to put on his own “Broadway” plays.  ($50 –

    My Take Along Puppet Theater

  • What’s in the Cat’s Hat: Your child will love hiding household items in the hat, while game members try to guess the object with the use of the cards. ($20 –
  • Squap: Players have to toss the ball back and forth by snapping their paddles open and shut in this catch game. ($25 –
  • See Spot Spell: Memory meets early reading in this clever game: your preschooler turns over two chip colors, and if it makes a word, he adds it to his “spot” doggy dish. ($17 –
  • Perplexus: Boost your child’s concentration and coordination with this 3-D puzzle that requires her to move a mini ball through a maze. ($25)

For more ideas on toys that will give your child a wonderful educational experience and fun, too, refer to the My Baby Compass series, Birth to Two, Two to Four and Four to Seven.

– Kathy Gruhn, MA CCC-SLP, author of My Baby Compass series

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