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For every book sold, $3 is donated to Autism speaks. When a child speaks the first word, it is memorable, but if a parent never hears the first word, it is most memorable.

Toys for the Early School-Age Child

In my previous blog posts, I’ve identified toys that are age-appropriate for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Today, let’s look at toys that will boost your school-age child’s brain!

You will have a good idea of what interests your child and you should follow his lead.  If he is into sports, dance or outside activities here is a list of toys and games that may pique the curiosity of any child!

  • Foos Ball – This table top game is a sturdy copy of the classic.  You can turn the handles with ease and watch the ball go flying.  It is the perfect match!   ($70 at
  • Squap

    Squap –  This game consists of paddles that snap open and shut to catch and toss the ball back and forth.  It should be easy for a 5 to 6 year old to be able to master.  ($25 at

  • Hop Scotch Samples – Wrap up carpet samples and tape them together and play hop scotch inside the house.  You can probably get these samples for free from carpet stores that have discontinued the carpet. (Free and just requires some telephone calls and gas money)
  • Air Hogs Hawk Eye – Take pictures and videos from high as you can fly this remote helicopter cam.  Make sure your child can responsibly handle a remote.  ($65 from
  • Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch –  This working watch lets kids record and play back video right on their wrist!  The new James Bond.  ($50 from
  • Jungle Jive – This is a deck of cards that require kids to balance an egg while they do exercises and it will make them laugh and go wild. ($30 from

If your child is in the mood for a challenge and it is a rainy day, consider the following educational but fun toys to keep her attention.

  • Scrabble Flash – Make as many words as you can out of the electronic cubes before times runs out.  It can work as a team game with an adult if spelling is an issue. ($30 from
  • Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp – This light weight and paper-thin guitar have the whole family rocking out.  Make sure you can tolerate the noise, until your child is able to make music.  You may want to start your child out on a smaller classical guitar first.  ($25 for the guitar and $15 for the amp from
  • Creationary – This is Lego’s spin on Pictionary, this game requires players to build the image on the card out of legos while others try to guess what it is. ($35 from
  • Cap It Off Jewlery –  You will find those bottle caps useful while making future fashion designs funky using this bottle-cap accessories kit. ($18 from

    Cap It Off Jewelry

  • Model Magic Presto Dots – Keep your child amused for hours with this kit that lets him use special dough and tools to sculpt wacky creatures and place them on molded forms. ($12 from
  • City Fireboat –  If your child wants to play with Legos in the bathtub, this floatable rescue ship will be perfect for the beginner Lego builder.  ($50 from
  • 3D Flash Art – Little artists can splash on paint and add Play Doh to the mold and hit the button for a trippy light show.  ($20 from

Remember that books are always a good gift for any child and it may add a special touch by recording the book with a special loved one’s voice.  If you want a good selection of titles that are age appropriate, refer to the My Baby Compass program from the Birth to Two, Two to Four or Four to Seven series.

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