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YEAR ONE – Post 15 | Move to Music

Have you ever asked yourself why we have music in our lives?  Every culture has music and dances that seem to speak to the heart.  Just look at the multi-million dollar music industry and the TV shows that have evolved from music – Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Sing-Off and Glee.  So playing music and moving to the rhythm is natural and enjoyable.  Let’s see how it helps baby.

Have you ever watched a baby learn to move to the music?  It is hysterical!  First he starts with the “bounce” dance -flexing the knees and bouncing to the rhythm of the music.  The rhythm seems to be a little tricky at first.  Some bounces are fast, and some seem to be trying to catch up to the beat.  As your baby continues, you will see him add the upper limbs with what I call the “bang.” The fists clench, as if they are hanging onto the air for support, and the arms go up and down to the beat.  When a baby adds both the “bounce and the bang” he starts to wobble and often will land on his padded rump with bop.  Just think what that brain is going through to coordinate all those moves.

I went to Floyd Fest, in Southwest Virginia this last weekend.  My husband and I joined my daughter and we listened, danced and ate our way through the weekend.  I watched her dance and I couldn’t help but remember the “bounce and bang” steps she started with 31 years ago. She has come a long way – salsa, square dance, two step and throw in some blues and African drumming moves and it was fun to watch and join in.  I looked around at the 18,000 families gathered with their young babies, children and significant others. They had gathered to listen to the music and socialize. I’m telling my daughter about David Grisman and Tony Rice and how they played with Jerry Garcia and she is introducing me to the Carolina Chocolate Drops that she knows from Asheville, N.C.  I had never seen anyone play “the bones” before.  It was wild.

So, dance with your baby, move to the rhythm, take up an instrument, sing or just enjoy listening to your favorite artist.  Music is the “language of the soul” and it can spark some good conversation down the road.


–          Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, MA CCC-SLP, author of My Baby Compass series

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