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Year One – Post 5 | Why Babies Cry

baby cryingSo, just why do babies cry?  It is the only way they know how to communicate.  Their muscles, nerves and brain pathways haven’t fully developed for speech and language.  So don’t get upset, get smart about the way you can handle a crying infant.  Face it, those tiny cries can crawl up our spine until our head explodes!  Take a deep breath and sing to yourself when that happens.

Here are some situations that may help you to figure out what your baby is saying:

Situation 1:  It’s been about two to three hours since your baby ate.  You hear a “coughing” like cry that gets louder and louder. You pick up your baby and it is sucking on anything it can find.  You’re right…hungry! 

Situation 2:  You hear grunting and your see his knees drawing to his chest. He might be making some faces and crying intermittently.  Can you guess?  Gas or bowel movement!  

Situation 3: Your baby isn’t hungry but he whimpers and seems fussy.  Your nose may give this one away! Wet diaper or he may be too warm or cold!

Situation 4:  Your baby has a weak and whimpering cry that gets louder and/or softer.  His head is still, and his eyes may appear to be in a blank stare, lids half closing. He might even be rubbing his eyes. Yep – he’s sleepy!

Situation 5:  It’s the end of a busy day, and your baby has had a lot of stimulation.  He’s not hungry, his diaper is clean, he doesn’t appear to be tired and his tummy doesn’t seem to be bothering him. He is fussy, maybe moving his head from side to side and when you hold him, he doesn’t seem to want to settle down.  Help!  Well – he may be Over stimulated – and he may need some stress relief.  Just like you at the end of a hard day.  This is a great time for a walk, swing, rock-a-bye, swaddle in a baby carrier, music or try a warm bath with a light back rub. Maybe he just wants you to hold and love on him.  You can’t spoil a baby, they haven’t developed the skill of manipulation, even though you may think they have!

–          Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, MA CCC-SLP  author of My Baby Compass

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